New Temple

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  • Construction update:
    • Framing is ongoing
    • Target of framing has changed to end of June due to logistical constraints


  • Construction update:
    • Foundation work is complete including insulation and concrete on the foundation
    • Due to rain and snow the overall progress on foundation was slower than expected
    • Overall: delayed by about a month due to weather. Working to mitigate
    • Joists/ framing material ordered. Framing should start in about a week
    • Target of framing to complete by mid-June
    • Water/ electrical connection applications in progress
    • Manstambh and Shikhar order finalized and on track for delivery
  • Current ongoing tasks
    • Other materials from India such as Vedi


  • Construction update:
    • Box from Bhoomi Poojan was put in the ground
    • As expected, due to adverse weather, work in January and February has been slow
    • Walls for the foundation are done
    • Underground plumbing work is done (permit was pulled)
    • Overall: on track
  • Current ongoing tasks:
    • Delivery planning for materials from India such as - Shikhar, Manstambh etc. - Almost complete
    • Plumbing inspection
    • Slab for the foundation to be completed


  • Construction update:
    • Footers done - structure over the ground should start coming up in next 2-3 weeks
    • Walls expected to be visible starting January
    • Overall: on track
  • Current ongoing tasks:
    • Utilities are being applied for
    • Delivery planning for materials from India such as - Shikhar, Manstambh etc.


  • Site development
    • Stake-out work: done
    • Site clearing: done
    • Foundation digging: in progress
  • Permit switch from 1A to 3B: We are good to go


  • Site development:
    • Material got delayed. It is expected this week
    • Stake-out by AMA was expected last week. However, it got delayed and is expected to be done by 10/27/2020
    • County inspector did initial visit on Friday. Further visit expected this week
    • Digging to start this week
  • Permit switch from 1A to 3B
    • All approvals received
    • Work-in-progress to get the final permit - with new contractor


  • Site development material is estimated to arrive within next 2 weeks
  • Most of the review of plan changes from 1A to 3B seems to be in good standing now. Only a few comments are open and should be resolved in the coming week


  • Site development amount was agreed upon
  • Material for site was ordered in August end. Expected to arrive on-site by 2nd week of October
  • The permit modification was submitted in August end for 3B. There were a few observations by county. Resolutions submitted by Architect
  • Some comments are still outstanding on structural side that will be responded in the week of 21-Sep-2020
  • So far, we expect project to be on track


  • Necessary insurances from contractor as well as IDJO approved/ reviewed
  • Site plan modifications completed. Under final review for submission
  • Building plan changes - under review before submission
  • Contractor updates:
    • Necessary county plan reviews done
    • Bond/ contractor name changes with county under discussion
    • County inspection being scheduled to start the sewage/ water/ pipeline
    • Material ordered for the pipes etc.
    • Meeting being scheduled with civil architects (AMA) for stake-out
    • Further clarification on the contract/ estimate received. Following items are not included explicitly
      • County fee - For example water/ sewage/ electrical connection fee - which may be around $70-80K
      • Asphalt laying for parking lot - Could be around $150K. Site development includes grading but not asphalt itself
    • Initial review of wall/ ceiling changes in the modified building plans look good. Using of Dryvit instead of brick walls as suggested by Architect is accepted
    • Changes in site plan related to Manstambh acknolweged
    • Plan for milestones will be discussed and reviewed on 18-August-2020 with initial site work completion (until foundation) date still estimated at 31-Oct-2020


  • Khaat Kriya performed on the land


  • Initial clearing of land completed


  • Initial signing amount paid to Bills Homes
  • Site clean-up work start approved
  • Guidance on no-digging until Khaat Kriya
  • Initial budget numbers received for Site Development alone


  • The construction plan was also approved by board
  • Construction committee suggestions were approved
  • Khaat Kriya program was scheduled on 29th of July, 2020 as per suggestion by religious committee


It was unanimously decided by the Construction committee that

  • Bids received from the contractors in the initial bidding process were not financially viable as the budget was over $3.5M
  • Value engineering done by 2 different contractors did not come in the ballpark with the features expected
  • Suggestion to convert the building type from 1A to 3B is agreeable. Multiple religious buildings are in the same category. Example: Sikh Centre of Virginia and Rajdhani Temple
  • Instead of 3 Shikhars, we will stick with only 1 Shikhar
  • Bills Homes is a small time contractor but with necessary licenses and is ready to work with us in our budget. We will continue with this approach
    • Estimated budget
      • Building construction: $1.9M + $200K contingency for contractor
      • India items/ IDJO scope items: $400K. This includes any county fee etc.
  • Manish Shukla will be our Constructor Advisor
  • Necessary plan modifications for Site Plan as well as Building structure for 3B, addition of Manstambh and removal of 2 Shikhars will be done
  • Manstambh height will be set to 33 feet as suggested by religious committee
  • Khaat Kriya program should be planned to allow digging of the land
  • Site development should take about 3 months. Approx. same period required for modifications to plans

June 2020

IDJO has initiated the construction process of a new temple at 14901 Murdock St, Chantilly, VA - 20151.

Tentative Plan

  • Khaat Kriya - July 2020
  • Site Development Start - July 2020
  • Construction Finish - December 2021

Model of the temple